mu4e manual for version 1.12.5

Welcome to mu4e!

mu4e (mu-for-emacs) is an e-mail client for GNU Emacs version 26.3 or newer, built on top of the mu e-mail search engine. mu4e is optimized for quickly processing large amounts of e-mail.

Some of its highlights:

In this manual, we go through the installation of mu4e, do some basic configuration and explain its daily use. We also show you how you can customize mu4e for your special needs.

At the end of the manual, there are some example configurations, to get you up to speed quickly: Example configurations. There’s also a section with answers to frequently asked questions, FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions.

Table of Contents



that is, instead of folders, you use queries that match messages in a particular folder


currently, the only exception to this is sending mail; there are solutions for that though — see the FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions