5.2 Keybindings

You can find most things you can do with this message in the View menu, or by using the keyboard; the default bindings are:

key          description
n,p          view the next, previous message
],[          move to the next, previous unread message
},{          move to the next, previous thread
y            select the headers view (if visible)

RET          scroll down
M-RET        open URL at point / attachment at point

SPC          scroll down, if at end, move to next message
S-SPC        scroll up

s            search
S            edit last query
/            narrow the search
b            search bookmark
B            edit bookmark before search
c            search query with completion
j            jump to maildir

O            change sort order
P            toggle search property

M-left       previous query
M-right      next query

marking messages
d            mark for moving to the trash folder
=            mark for removing trash flag ('untrash')
DEL,D        mark for complete deletion
m            mark for moving to another maildir folder
r            mark for refiling
+,-          mark for flagging/unflagging

u            unmark message at point
U            unmark *all* messages

%            mark based on a regular expression
T,t          mark whole thread, subthread

<insert>,*   mark for 'something' (decide later)
#            resolve deferred 'something' marks

x            execute actions for the marked messages

R,W,F,C      reply/reply-to-all/forward/compose
E            edit (only allowed for draft messages)

g            go to (visit) numbered URL (using `browse-url')
(or: <mouse-2> or M-RET with point on URL)
C-u g visits multiple URLs
f            fetch (download )the numbered URL.
C-u f fetches multiple URLs
k            save the numbered URL in the kill-ring.
C-u k saves multiple URLs

e            extract (save) one or more attachments (asks for numbers)
(or: <mouse-2> or S-RET with point on attachment)
a            execute some custom action on the message
A            execute some custom action on the message's MIME-parts

z, Z         detach (or reattach) a message view to a headers buffer
.            show the raw message view. 'q' takes you back.
C-+,C--      increase / decrease the number of headers shown
H            get help
C-S-u        update mail & reindex
q            leave the message view

Some keybindings are available through minor modes:

For the marking commands, please refer to Marking messages.