6.4 Address autocompletion

mu4e supports autocompleting addresses when composing e-mail messages. mu4e uses the e-mail addresses from the messages you sent or received as the source for this. Address auto-completion is enabled by default; if you want to disable it for some reason, set mu4e-compose-complete-addresses to nil.

This uses the Emacs machinery for showing and cycling through the candidate addresses; it is active when looking at one of the contact fields in the message header area.

It is also possible to use mu4e’s completion elsewhere in emacs. To enable that, a function mu4e-complete-contact exists, which you can add to completion-at-point-functions, see (elisp)Completion in Buffers. mu4e must be running for any completions to be available.

6.4.1 Limiting the number of addresses

If you have a lot of mail, especially from mailing lists and the like, there can be a lot of e-mail addresses, many of which may not be very useful when auto-completing. For this reason, mu4e attempts to limit the number of e-mail addresses in the completion pool by filtering out the ones that are not likely to be relevant. The following variables are available for tuning this: