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6.3 Address autocompletion

mu4e supports27 autocompleting addresses when composing e-mail messages. mu4e uses the e-mail addresses from the messages you sent or received as the source for this. Address auto-completion is enabled by default; if you want to disable it for some reason, set mu4e-compose-complete-addresses to nil.

Emacs 24 also supports cycling through the alternatives. When there are more than 5 matching addresses, they are shown in a *Completions* buffer. Once the number of matches gets below this number, one is inserted in the address field and you can cycle through the alternatives using TAB.

6.3.1 Limiting the number of addresses

If you have a lot of mail, especially from mailing lists and the like, there can be a lot of e-mail addresses, many of which may not be very useful when auto-completing. For this reason, mu4e attempts to limit the number of e-mail addresses in the completion pool by filtering out the ones that are not likely to be relevant. The following variables are available for tuning this:



GNU Emacs 24.4 or higher is required

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