D.1 Fancy characters

When using ‘fancy characters’ (mu4e-use-fancy-chars) with the Inconsolata-font (and likely others as well), the display may be slightly off; the reason for this issue is that Inconsolata does not contain the glyphs for the ‘fancy’ arrows and the glyphs that are used as replacements are too high.

To fix this, you can use something like the following workaround (in your .emacs-file):

(when (equal window-system 'x)
      (set-fontset-font "fontset-default" 'unicode "Dejavu Sans Mono")
      (set-face-font 'default "Inconsolata-10"))

Other fonts with good support for Unicode are unifont and symbola.

For a more complete solution, but with greater overhead, you can also try the unicode-fonts package:

(require 'unicode-fonts)
(require 'persistent-soft) ; To cache the fonts and reduce load time

It’s possible to customize various header marks as well, with a “fancy” and “non-fancy” version (if you cannot see some the “fancy” characters, that is an indication that the font you are using does not support those characters.

   mu4e-headers-draft-mark     '("D" . "💈")
   mu4e-headers-flagged-mark   '("F" . "📍")
   mu4e-headers-new-mark       '("N" . "🔥")
   mu4e-headers-passed-mark    '("P" . "❯")
   mu4e-headers-replied-mark   '("R" . "❮")
   mu4e-headers-seen-mark      '("S" . "☑")
   mu4e-headers-trashed-mark   '("T" . "💀")
   mu4e-headers-attach-mark    '("a" . "📎")
   mu4e-headers-encrypted-mark '("x" . "🔒")
   mu4e-headers-signed-mark    '("s" . "🔑")
   mu4e-headers-unread-mark    '("u" . "⎕")
   mu4e-headers-list-mark      '("l" . "🔈")
   mu4e-headers-personal-mark  '("p" . "👨")
   mu4e-headers-calendar-mark  '("c" . "📅"))