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C.2 Retrieving mail

  1. How can I get notifications when receiving mail? There is mu4e-index-updated-hook, which gets triggered when the indexing process triggered sees an update (not just new mail though). To use this hook, put something like the following in your setup (assuming you have aplay and some soundfile, change as needed):
    (add-hook 'mu4e-index-updated-hook
      (defun new-mail-sound ()
        (shell-command "aplay ~/Sounds/boing.wav&")))
  2. It seems my headers-buffer is automatically updated when new messages are found during the indexing process — can I disable this somehow? Yes — set mu4e-headers-auto-update to nil.
  3. I don’t use offlineimap, fetchmail etc., I get my mail through my own mailserver. What should I use for mu4e-get-mail-command? Use the literal string "true" (or don’t do anything, it’s the default) which then uses /bin/true (a command that does nothing and always succeeds). This makes getting mail a no-op, but the messages are still re-indexed.
  4. How can I re-index my messages without getting new mail? Use M-x mu4e-update-index
  5. When I try to run mu index while mu4e is running I get errors like:
    mu: mu_store_new_writable: xapian error
      'Unable to get write lock on ~/.mu/xapian: already locked

    What to do about this? You get this error because the underlying Xapian database is locked by some other process; it can be opened only once in read-write mode. There is not much mu4e can do about this, but if is another mu instance that is holding the lock, you can ask it to (gracefully) terminate:

       pkill -2 -u $UID mu # send SIGINT
       sleep 1
       mu index

    mu4e automatically restarts mu when it needs it. In practice, this seems to work quite well.

  6. I don’t like the Indexing... messages that the indexing process gives me. Can I turn them off?. Yes: set the variable mu4e-hide-index-messages to non-nil.
  7. Some IMAP-synchronization programs such as mbsync (but not offlineimap) don’t like it when message files do not change their names when they are moved to different folders. Can mu4e somehow accommodate this? Yes — you can set the variable mu4e-change-filenames-when-moving to non-nil.
  8. offlineimap uses IMAP’s UTF-7 for encoding non-ascii folder names, while mu expects UTF-8 (so, e.g. /まりも えお43 becomes /&MH4wijCCMEgwSg-). How can I make mu4e display such folders correctly? This is best solved by telling offlineimap to use UTF-8 instead — see



some Japanese characters

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