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3.1 Overview

The main view looks something like the following:

* mu4e - mu for emacs version 0.X.X CG


        * [j]ump to some maildir
        * enter a [s]earch query
        * [C]ompose a new message


        * [bu] Unread messages
        * [bt] Today's messages
        * [bw] Last 7 days
        * [bp] Messages with images
        * [bs] Sent mail
        * [bf] Flagged messages
        * [b]] Flow
        * [b/] Test


        * [;]Switch context
        * [U]pdate email & database

        * [N]ews
        * [A]bout mu4e
        * [H]elp
        * [q]uit

In the example above, you can see the letters “CG”, which indicate:

Whether you see both, one or none of these letters depends on the way mu is built.

Let’s walk through the menu.