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2.6 Folders

The next step is to tell mu4e where it can find your Maildir, and some special folders.

So, for example18:

;; these are actually the defaults
  mu4e-maildir       "~/Maildir"   ;; top-level Maildir
  mu4e-sent-folder   "/sent"       ;; folder for sent messages
  mu4e-drafts-folder "/drafts"     ;; unfinished messages
  mu4e-trash-folder  "/trash"      ;; trashed messages
  mu4e-refile-folder "/archive")   ;; saved messages

Note, mu4e-maildir takes an actual filesystem-path, the other folder names are all relative to mu4e-maildir. Also note that this must not be a symbolic link.

If you use mu4e-context, see Contexts and special folders for what that means for these special folders.



Note that the folders (mu4e-sent-folder, mu4e-drafts-folder, mu4e-trash-folder and mu4e-refile-folder) can also be functions that are evaluated at runtime. This allows for dynamically changing them depending on the situation. See Dynamic folders for details.